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How to Create an On-Page SEO Report & Why It’s Important

on page seo report

We are kicking off our 10 week series of blogs on a 2023 Comprehensive Guide to Take Control of your Websites SEO. This On-Page Report will help give you a baseline of where your business currently ranks on the keywords that your customers are searching and the exact steps on how to improve your rankings. Those are just a few reasons why it\’s important to learn how to create an on-page SEO report.

Step 1

Let’s start with what information you will be gathering and how we will be using it to help improve your search rankings. Below is an example of what an SEO audit looks like from MySiteAuditor. This site offers you the ability to create an account with a 10 day free trial. This way we can get in and out with the information your business needs and not have to pay for a membership. 

All you have to do is simply type in the website page URL you are attempting to analyze, and then input the keyword you want to see if the page is optimized for. From there it will produce a PDF report that includes every aspect of your websites on-page SEO and the tasks that are necessary to help improve your rankings. We will use these reports as a baseline to indicate what work has been done, and still needs to be done. When you save these PDF\’s make sure to save them with detailed titles so you can compare them effectively.

Step 2

We will now move onto the google page speed score. There are many platforms that claim to be more effective at accurately reporting page speed, but when we are trying to rank on Google we suggest taking Google\’s Page Speed Insights more of a priority.

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Google Page Speed Insights makes it extremely easy to see your page speed on both mobile and desktop. The best part about it though is the fact that it will also give you a break down of exactly what is impacting your score. Again, this will help give us a baseline to help measure our success.

Step 3

The last step we will be completing for our on-page seo report is the SEMRush on-page reporting feature. Again, we are going to be manipulating free trials and getting what we need before committing to any paid plan! I will display the step by steps and how to get to the reports we are looking to get to.

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Sign up>input website>on-page report>total ideas>print each idea for each page.

The cool part about SEM Rush is the fact that it can give you some pretty reliable tips that really work in terms of improving rankings. We want to compile these and make sure that we use them as a to-do list moving into the future. The paid versions for SEM can be extremely useful but also more on the pricey side. Many of the tools require a more technical expertise to implement, but if you are more knowledgeable on SEO and feel confident you can use the tools available to produce an ROI than move ahead. We are still encouraging you wait til the end of this guide to move forward with any paid services.

Make sure you take the time to organize this information to your liking. Make it to where you have access to this paperwork on and offline. We will be using all of it throughout the entire 10 week guide. Make sure you stay confident moving forward. I know that many of the verbiage displayed on the on-page reports might seem like a foreign language but we will dive into everything in more detail moving forward and feel free to jump forward and start learning some of these topics from other trusted SEO companies. We are here to help your company grow. We have a firm belief that if you grow then we will grow, regardless of the economic benefit for us. We know that as long as we are helping you grow your business we will naturally grow with you.

Next we will release the duplicate citation check portion of our analysis phase. We will explore not only how to check for duplicate citations, but also methods to correct the citations efficiently. As we dive into the importance of citations in Google\’s algorithm you will realize how prosperous this is to your SEO strategy.

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