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Service Companies

Is your service company struggling with low website traffic or poor conversion rates? At BizeeBay, we specialize in helping service companies transform their online presence and boost revenue. With a wealth of experience across various service industries, we design websites tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re a plumber in Texas or a roofing company in California, our meticulous website design process is the perfect solution to kick-start your internet marketing efforts.

We highly recommend WordPress for high-quality website design, especially for service companies. With over 1000+ clients, many of whom are in service-related industries, we’ve seen firsthand how effective our strategies can be.

Niches We Serve

Digital Marketing for Service Companies

iCON Case Study

A Custom Web and Branding Solution for a Specialized Construction Firm 

z6 logo

Z6 Construction

A Search Engine Optimized Website for a Cutting-Edge Construction Company

Jp Logo

JPExteriors Case Study

A Branding and Marketing Solution for a Renowned Construction Company

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So, Why Choose BizeeBay Digital Marketing Agency?

Let’s face it — a website without paying customers is like building a store in the middle of the desert without a single road leading to it.


That’s Where BizeeBay Digital Marketing Comes Agency In.

BizeeBay helps your dream customers find your website and monetize your leads!

BizeeBay Zero/Six Before/After

D2C & E-Commerce Businesses

In today’s digital age, having a robust online presence is essential for direct-to-consumer (D2C) and e-commerce businesses. At BizeeBay, we specialize in creating customized solutions that drive traffic, enhance user experience, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Our expertise spans various niches, ensuring your business gets the tailored support it needs to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.


Whether you’re launching a new brand or looking to revamp your existing online store, our finely tuned website design and digital marketing strategies are designed to meet the specific needs of D2C and e-commerce businesses. We understand that each niche has its own unique challenges and opportunities, and we are dedicated to helping you navigate them successfully.

Niches We Serve

Digital Marketing for Service Companies

KwikRip Case Study

A Tailored Web Solution for a Niche Vending Machine Business helping grow into over 50 locations in less than 3 years.

Armadillo Logo

Armadillo Auto Glass Case Study

We helped create an organic flow of leads by implementing our overarching keyword strategy.

420seven Logo

420seven Case Study

We helped drive over 500k in sales in the first year through social media ads and our influencer marketing strategy…

Digital Marketing for Service Companies

Whiskey Towers Case Study

Developing a highly successful go-to-market strategy while building brand equity through marketing campaigns…

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Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry is one of the market’s most dynamic and diverse sectors. At BizeeBay, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities of building a strong online presence in this industry. From artisanal food producers to large-scale beverage brands, our tailored website design and digital marketing strategies ensure your products reach the right audience and convert visitors into loyal customers.


Our finely tuned process begins with understanding your brand and its unique value proposition. Whether you are a gourmet food producer looking to tempt customers with high-quality products or a beverage company aiming to quench the thirst of a broad audience, we create customized solutions that highlight your strengths and drive sales. With engaging visuals, intuitive navigation, and a seamless shopping experience, we ensure your website reflects the quality and passion behind your products.

Niches We Serve

Digital Marketing for Service Companies

Up & Down Smashburgers

Elevating Brand Reach Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Flourhouse Logo

Flourhouse Bakery

Cultivating a Robust Online Presence with Authentic Storytelling

Digital Marketing for Service Companies


Revolutionizing Digital Presence with Dynamic Growth Strategies

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Franchise Businesses

Franchise businesses operate on a unique model that combines the strength of a well-established brand with the entrepreneurial spirit of individual business owners. At BizeeBay, we understand the intricacies involved in managing and promoting franchise businesses. Our tailored website design and digital marketing solutions are crafted to meet the specific needs of franchises, ensuring consistency, scalability, and success across all locations.


Our approach starts with a deep understanding of your franchise model, from the corporate level down to each franchisee. We create cohesive digital strategies that enhance your brand’s visibility, streamline operations, and drive customer engagement. Though many of our previous franchise clients are in the food & beverage space we are fully equipped and ready to handle a plethora of niches outside that space. 

Franchises We Serve


Shipley Do-Nuts

Helping facilitate a creative transition and vision for the brands digital footprint

Subway logo


A Local SEO approach for the largest fast-food chain in the entire world!

Mike&Patty's Logo

MIke & Patty's

A Digital Takeover via Engaging Content & Collaborations

Commercial Services

In the competitive world of commercial services, having a robust and dynamic online presence is crucial for success. At BizeeBay, we specialize in creating tailored digital solutions that help commercial service providers like PC-Cable excel in their industry. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your business stands out, attracts the right clients, and drives revenue growth.

Commercial service providers often deal with complex products and services that require detailed explanations and high-quality presentations. Our website design and digital marketing strategies are crafted to highlight your expertise, showcase your products, and communicate your value proposition effectively. We focus on creating a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for potential clients to understand your offerings and take action.

PC&Cable Logo

PC&Cable Case Study

Using the power of our overarching keyword strategy we have driven PC&Cable’s organic lead flow to over 100+ per month – 12 consecutive months in a row *2023

Municipality & Government

PC&Cable Logo

Galveston County Drainage District

BizeeBay creates tailored digital solutions for municipalities and governments, enhancing public engagement and service delivery with secure, user-friendly websites.

At BizeeBay, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by municipalities and government organizations. Creating a strong, user-friendly online presence is crucial for effectively communicating with constituents, providing essential services, and promoting transparency. Our team specializes in developing comprehensive digital solutions tailored to the specific requirements of municipalities and government entities.


Our experience includes working with a diverse range of municipal and government clients, including the recent project for GCDD1.us. This project involved creating a robust and accessible website that serves as a vital resource for the community, providing essential information, services, and updates in a user-friendly format. In the backend of this website, we developed a system that allows admins to update meetings and agenda information in a simple yet secure manner. We take pride in delivering solutions that enhance public engagement and streamline service delivery.

Trusted by Top Brands

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Estephanie Andrade
Estephanie Andrade
Cody Hirning
Cody Hirning
I own a remodeling company and Jordan and Sam were awesome to work with on building my website and marketing plan for my business!
Maggie Monroe
Maggie Monroe
Bizeebay really helped increase traffic to our site, and helped us generate SEO that has since payed off. Thanks guys!
clayton farrar
clayton farrar
Great company with a friendly team.
Nicholas Frohlich
Nicholas Frohlich
BizeeBay is a team of true professionals. I run a regional steam cleaning service and after working with BizeeBay for 4 months my revenue has grown nearly 300%. I was skeptical about outsourcing marketing but after speaking to my wife she helped me realize that focusing on my daily tasks and current clients while delegating new client acquisition to the right professional service would help our company grow exponentially at a time when our growth had reached a plateau.Their strategy was customized towards my industry and regional interests. I can't say enough good things about the BizeeBay team it was a true pleasure to work with such effective people.
Destiny Lamontagne
Destiny Lamontagne
Highly recommend BizeeBay, amazing company
Cisco Pineda
Cisco Pineda
barry plante
barry plante
Used BizzeeBay for a personal project. Was so impressed we brought them on for business. Nothing is too small or big. Very professional and do great work. Highly recommend
Scott Fink
Scott Fink
Great people to work with. Communication was very pleasant. Got the work done in a very timely manner. Truly impressed by the effort and results from BizeeBay!
Cody Cooper
Cody Cooper
They were super easy to work with. Created my website from scratch and did it extremely quickly. Any revisions I needed they got done in timely manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BizeeBay offers a range of digital marketing services including SEO, social media management, content creation, targeted ads management, influencer management, brand partnership development, and email/SMS marketing.

BizeeBay’s SEO agency in Austin helps businesses grow their digital footprint by developing SEO strategies for website optimization and managing campaigns on social media to ensure businesses stay competitive and successful online.

BizeeBay is a full-service digital marketing agency that provides comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs and budget of each client. With a team of top-tier professionals and excellent customer service, BizeeBay ensures that clients receive customized solutions to help their business excel in the digital world.

BizeeBay’s full-service marketing packages include web development, SEO, content creation, targeted ads management, social media management, influencer management, brand partnership development, email/SMS marketing, and more.

BizeeBay’s social media agency in Austin helps businesses by managing their social media accounts, creating custom reels and TikToks, and developing strategies to increase engagement and reach on social media platforms.

BizeeBay’s approach to digital marketing involves a comprehensive strategy that includes SEO-friendly content creation, targeted performance-based keyword optimization, and leveraging an extensive network of advertisers to reach the target market. This integrated approach ensures that businesses obtain a higher ranking for critical keywords on popular search engine platforms and reach their target audience effectively.

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Digital Marketing for Service Companies

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