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Flourhouse Bakery Case Study


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Flourhouse Bakery x BizeeBay Case Study

Over Three months, Flourhouse Bakery experienced a remarkable journey in digital marketing. This case study highlights the significant growth in organic reach, profile activity, engagement, and influencer collaborations that helped the bakery rise to new heights.

Social Media Management Overview

Strategies Implemented

Engaging Content Creation Delicious Visuals

Focusing on high-quality, appetizing images and videos of bakery products to attract and retain audience attention. Storytelling Posts: Sharing the bakery’s journey, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to create a more personal and engaging brand story.

Influencer Collaborations

Local Food Bloggers and Influencers

Partnering with local food enthusiasts to showcase the bakery’s offerings, thus reaching a broader, community-oriented audience.

Themed Campaigns

Collaborating on seasonal and event-based content, aligning with holidays and local events for timely and relevant promotions. Social Media Engagement Interactive Campaigns: Hosting contests, polls, and Q&A sessions to increase audience interaction and engagement. Responsive Communication: Actively responding to comments and messages to build a loyal and engaged community.

Digital Optimization

SEO for Online Content

Implementing SEO strategies for the bakery’s website and blog to increase organic visibility.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Ensuring the website is responsive and user-friendly across all devices, enhancing the user experience and accessibility.


Achievements Overview

Organic Reach

  • Total Accounts Reached: 11,091
  • Follower Increase: 1,628 (44.4% increase)
  • Non-Followers Reached: 9,463 (162% increase)

Organic Impressions

  • Total Impressions: 79,122 (100% increase)

Profile Activity

  • Total Profile Activity: 10,340 (320% increase)
  • Profile Visits: 8,856 (305% increase)
  • External Link Taps: 1,484 (441% increase)


  • Total Accounts Engaged: 783
  • Followers Engaged: 433 (63.3% increase)
  • Non-Followers Engaged: 350 (28.6% increase)

Content Interactions

  • In-Feed Posts Interactions: 1,859 (36.7% increase)
  • Reels Interactions: 437 (107% increase)
  • Story Interactions: 65 (51.1% increase)
Alternative Marketing Channels

Flourhouse Bakery SEO

In addition to the influencer marketing campaign, we explored other creative advertising channels that allowed us to target our desired audience without violating advertising restrictions. These channels included:


SEO Performance Overview

Organic Keyword Ranking Improvements

  • “Bakery Newton MA”: Improved from a baseline ranking of 58 to consistently ranking within the top 4.
  • “Flour House Bakery”: Maintained a dominant ranking of 1 throughout the campaign.
  • “Breakfast Sandwiches Newton”: Rose from a baseline of 44 to a steady ranking of 2.
  • “Bakery Wholesale Boston”: Significant improvement from not ranking to consistently being in the top 3.
  • “English Muffin Wholesale Boston”: Improved from not ranking to a consistent top 2 position.
  • “Sweet Pastries Newton”: Enhanced from a baseline of 45 to frequently ranking in the top 3.

Local Search Results

  • “Bakery Newton Ma”: Improved local ranking, reaching positions as high as 4.
  • “Breakfast Sandwiches Newton”: Significant local improvement, achieving a top 3 position.
  • “Sweet Pastries Newton”: Dramatic improvement in local search, reaching the top 2 positions.
  • “Bakery Wholesale Boston”: Progressed from not appearing in local maps to ranking at 10.
  • “English Muffin Wholesale Boston”: Achieved the top position in local search.
  • “Flour House Bakery”: Consistently held the number 1 spot in local search results.

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Influencer Results

  • Influencer Activations: 34
  • Unique Pieces of Content: 63
  • Collaborative Reels Views: 234,704
  • Reach for In-Feed Posts: 5,420

Frequently Asked Questions

The combination of visually appealing content, strategic influencer partnerships, active social media engagement, and digital optimization played a key role in driving growth and engagement.
Influencers helped in reaching a wider, more diverse audience, particularly through visually compelling reels and posts, amplifying the bakery’s online presence and reach.
Yes, these strategies are adaptable and can be effectively applied to other small businesses seeking to enhance their digital footprint and engage with a broader audience.

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