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Hello there! Welcome to Bizeebay, right here in sunny Austin, Texas.

Ever seen a super cool website and thought, “Wow, I want one like that!”? That’s what we do! We’re like the friendly web development Austin neighbors who help you build that dream treehouse but in the online world.

In Austin, we love our music, food, and tech. And just like a catchy tune that gets stuck in your head, we make websites with that special Austin touch. Think of us as your pals who are good with computers and understand what folks in Austin like. We help businesses, both big and small, make their place on the internet with fun, easy-to-use websites.

Come along, and let’s create something awesome together!

Dive into the Trends of Web Design and Web Developers in Austin

In the heartbeat of Austin’s dynamic digital life, Bizeebay stands as a beacon for innovation and excellence in web design and development. As web trends evolve, our agency digital marketing has always been a step ahead, closely observing the changing dynamics of the web world and ensuring our clients have the best, freshest, and most functional designs in the market. Our projects reflect not just our skills but also our deep understanding of the business ethos of Austin.

Austin’s job market and business scene demand a unique blend of creativity and functionality. Recognizing this, Bizeebay’s developers have successfully developed sites that capture Austin’s essence while standing out in the crowded digital space. Developing a site involves a collaborative project approach, where we ensure our client’s goals are at the forefront of every decision.

What website development should be.
Websites that are beautiful on the inside and outside.
BizeeBay founder
What's new?

What was working yesterday is not what is working today. We live in an ever-changing digital world. That is why at BizeeBay we strive to stay in the future when it comes to website development. This way we are never playing catch up on our client’s time or dime…

Introducing the latest WordPress, Java, & PHP techniques available allows us to stay ahead of the curve for our clients at all times. When we develop a website we develop it geared for where your company is going. Not where it is at.

We Stay Ahead...

The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, and the best time to create a website is yesterday. Having a competitive edge in any business is a must. Creating a responsive website that can drive traffic isn’t preferred; it’s a must…

Regret can kill a business and I promise you will regret not implementing a digital presence in your business. At BizeeBay we are here to help guide you through the wilderness you call the World Wide Web.

Explore Customized Web Development Austin and How it Can Uplift Your Web Presence

In the digital era, your web presence defines the life of your company. Customized web development Austin isn’t just about creating a website; it’s about sculpting a digital identity. Companies are no longer judged solely by their physical storefronts or offices but by their site’s quality, functionality, and aesthetics. A tailored approach to developing your site ensures it aligns with your company’s unique needs and objectives. When a project is custom-developed, it caters specifically to your client’s goals, offering a user experience that generic sites often can’t match. This design and development level enhances user interaction and sets your business apart from other businesses in a bustling digital job market.

Why Choose Bizeebay for Web Development Solutions in Austin, Texas?

  1. Local Expertise: Austin is a special city with its style. Web Development Austin is not just about creating websites but about understanding what people in Austin like. When you choose us, you get a team that knows the Austin web development world inside out. We know what works best for businesses here.

  2. Experienced Team: Making a website is a big job. It’s like piecing together a puzzle. Our team has been doing this for a long time, and we are good at it. We take care of everything from the first idea to ensuring the website works perfectly. Our web developers and designers are skilled and ready to help you.

  3. Custom Solutions: Every business is different like every person is different. So, why should websites be the same? We believe they shouldn’t. That’s why we ensure our site is just right for each business. Whether you own a big or small company, we have the perfect web solution for you.

  4.  Holistic Approach: Making a website isn’t just about how it looks. It’s also about how it works and how it helps your business. We think about everything – how your website looks, how easy it is for people to use, and how it can help your business grow. We mix our design knowledge, how websites work, and marketing to give you a perfect website in every way.
Website Development in Austin, TX
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Tailor-Made Website Development

Customized websites Development

Website are the fingerprints of your business. Each website is different because each company is different. We do not believe in using basic themes to cut and paste websites together. They end up looking like a Frankenstein on the web.

We are in the business of creating pieces of art that are functional and guide your client to the services or products that you sell. Your customers are the heart of your business and a fluid website will help your business grow into a healthy leader in your industry.

Web Development Services We Offer

Comprehensive Web Design & Development: 

Web design services are like drawing a picture of what your website will look like. Any web development company in Austin is building it so people can use it online. We make websites that are just right for businesses in Austin. Here’s how we do it:

Web Design: As your web developer, we plan how your website will look and where things will go. This includes choosing colors, pictures, and fonts that show what your business is all about.

Web Development: This is where we build the website. Our technical support team uses programming languages and skills, like special codes, to ensure your website works well and is easy for people to use.

SEO & Marketing: 

SEO means making your website easy to find when people search for something online. Marketing is telling people about your website so they visit it. Our friends at the Austin SEO Company help with this. Here’s how:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We use special tools and technical skills to ensure your website stands up when people search for things related to your business in Austin. This helps more people visit your website.

Marketing: We also tell people about your website in different ways. This can be online ads, emails, or even on social media.

Social Media Management: 

Social media is where people talk, share, and learn about things online. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are social media. We work with top Social Media Agencies Austin to help you:

Posting Content: We make posts that tell people about your business. This can be pictures, stories, or updates about what’s new.

Talking to Customers: We help answer questions or talk to people who comment on your posts. This makes sure they know you care about them.

Ongoing Website Maintenance: 

A website needs check-ups like a car needs oil changes. This helps it keep running smoothly. Our team does this for you. Here’s what we do:

Updates: The internet has changed a lot. We make sure your website keeps up with these changes.

Checking for Problems: Sometimes, little things can go wrong on a website. We check and fix them before they become big problems.

Adding New Stuff: If you have something new to show or tell, we add it to your website. This keeps it fresh and exciting.

Marketing Packages: 

We understand that every business is unique. That’s why we offer marketing packages you can change to fit your needs.

A Peek Into The Process Of Web Development Companies

Step 1: Understanding Your Vision

What it means: Before starting, knowing what you want your website to look like and do is important. So, we will talk with you to learn about your ideas and what you want for your business. It’s like making a plan before starting a big project.

How we do it: We have a friendly chat! You tell us about your business and what you want your website to do. We listen carefully to give you the best website for your needs.

Step 2: Crafting the Design

What it means: After understanding what you want, we draw and design how your website will look. It includes colors, pictures, and where everything goes.

How we do it: Our team uses their skills in graphic design. They mix your ideas with their knowledge to create a beautiful design for your website.

Step 3: Web Development

What it means: This step is where we build your website, like turning a design into a real, working thing on the internet.

How we do it: We have a team of web developers. These are people who know the languages of computers. They write special instructions that make your website work. They ensure that everything happens as it should when someone clicks a button or fills out a form.

Step 4: Testing & Launch

What it means: Before showing your website to everyone, we test it. Testing is like a practice run to make sure everything works well.

How we do it: Our team checks every part of your website. They look for any small errors or things that might not work right. Once they’re sure everything is good, we make your website live. That means anyone can visit and see it!

Why Web Development Company Matters for Businesses in Austin, TX?

Digital Presence:

When people hear about a company or service, the first thing they do is look it up online. A business without a website might not even exist in the eyes of potential clients. A website tells your customers you’re legitimate and allows them to learn more about your offer. It’s about marketing and establishing your place in the digital world.

How we Help: Our web development team uses their vast knowledge to craft websites that are easy to find and use. So your business is their first stop when someone is looking for services like yours in Austin, Texas.

Local Appeal:

Austin is a unique place with its style and vibe. People here value local businesses that understand this unique spirit. A generic website won’t do. It needs a touch of Austin, which shows you’re truly a part of this community.

How we Help: Our developers, deeply rooted in Austin web development, design websites that resonate with Austin’s culture. They ensure your site speaks directly to your local audience, making them feel at home.


The digital world is always evolving. As a business, you don’t want to be left behind. Having a website that can adapt and grow as technology and trends change is crucial.

How we Help: We don’t just create a website for today. Our team looks ahead. We use programming languages that stand up to future digital needs. Our ongoing technical support ensures your website is always up to date. Whether you’re a small business just starting or an established company looking to upgrade, we ensure you’re ready for the future.

Want to Stand Out Amongst Industry Professionals? 

Understand the Importance of Branding for Your Austin-Based Small Businesses

Branding is more than just a logo or a catchy slogan. The narrative, the story, differentiates your company from the sea of other businesses in Austin. Establishing a robust brand identity is essential, especially in a city teeming with innovation and startups. As an agency that has developed projects across various domains, we recognize the power of strategic branding. While technical skills might get a project off the ground, the branding gives it wings. In an environment where everyone strives to showcase their new skills, having a solid brand narrative ensures you’re not just another name but an industry professional setting standards.

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Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar
Great and quick service! Sam listened and communicated well throughout the process of helping building my website. He met each deadline and offered competitive pricing. Thank you team!
Jerald Fragoso
Jerald Fragoso
I had an amazing experience working with BizeeBay Digital Marketing Agency. Sam and his team were professional and responsive to any questions I had and improved the User Interface on my website. Jordan and his team provided detailed and insightful digital marketing services for my company that increased engagement around my business almost instantly with their SEO! It was refreshing to see such a professional approach towards digital marketing and such great results with the tools and IP they provide! Highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build their business online.
Colton Moncla
Colton Moncla
I own a local roofing company that services Austin, Texas. Sam was great to work with and helped me with my seo tremendously. We have seen an increase in lead flow. I would recommend their product and service
Rachel Chaney
Rachel Chaney
Bizeebay did a website for our travel agency, jettytravel, and we are more than happy with the results. They are always quick to help if we have any questions. 5 stars all around⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Update Jordan went above and beyond updating our website. We receive organic leads without having to do anything!!
Corbin Cornwell
Corbin Cornwell
Bizee Bay is awesome! They made the perfect website for my small business. Their prices are very reasonable and you cannot beat their work ethic.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
We just recently switched all of our online services over to BizeeBay (SEO, website hosting, PPC) and are so happy! Their rates are very competitive and they are so knowledgeable in each of these categories. They are quick to respond and assist when I have a question or issue. They also take the time to explain everything to me in a simplified way so that I can truly understand what is being done to improve my business goals and how effective the results are. For the first time in years, I feel like I am well informed and in great hands.
Brad Lisenby
Brad Lisenby
Do not under estimate them! A++++ Met all deadlines ✅ Beyond projected results ✅ Very knowledgeable ✅ SEO GOD'S ✅😇✅ RANKED ON FIRST PAGE OF 4 OUT OF 5 KEYWORDS WE DREAMED OF RANKING FOR! Only been 3 months 🙂
Josh Conley
Josh Conley
I was referred to BizeeBay from an employee & am upset I didn’t reach out to them sooner! We were using the same website for the last 15 years without a single update. Traffic to the site never went above 100 visitors a month. Living strictly off of referral business was just not working for us anymore. I got multiple quotes from different web design agencies all across Austin to find find companies tryin to charge us over $5,000!!!! I got in touch with Jordan at bizee and we instantly hit it off. Very personable and you can tell he knows what he is doing. They weren’t the lowest bid I got, but they definitely didn’t charge me no 5,000! They finished well before the projected time, and we are super happy with the new site. They even offered two months of free SEO which I had never considered even entertaining before. It’s kind of pricey but we are up to almost 500 visitors a month and it feels like all of our traffic is coming from google. I recommend them to everybody o I felt necessary to write a review to help show my gratitude.
Daniel flores
Daniel flores
So far so good. Jordan is a serious asset for this company. He makes us feel like he is working for our business exclusively 24/7. Off to a slow start but the results are real and my business has definitely picked up! I am new when it comes to this internet stuff but they have everything set up to where I can handle it.

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