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Don’t just compete; lead! BizeeBay, your Austin SEO company, is more than just a business online; it’s your ticket to success in the online marketplace. Think of SEO as magic tool. People use search engines like Google to find businesses like you use a map to find places. BizeeBay knows how to make your business shine on these maps! Being one of the top SEO companies in Austin, our team of Austin SEO experts uses smart tools, like google analytics, to understand what your customers love. We’re the friendly guide every Austin business needs, helping them make friends on the internet. With the magic of local SEO, we make sure folks in Austin, Texas, see your business first, especially on google maps. And guess what? More people seeing your business means more friends and more customers! Other Austin SEO companies might say they’re the best, but we have the special sauce. We focus on quality SEO, which means our strategies – are both good-looking and tasty! We also know the power of talking and sharing. That’s why we also offer services as a digital marketing agency in Austin and an Austin social media marketing company. So, come on! Join hands with BizeeBay, wave the magic wand of search engine marketing, and let’s make your business the star of the internet town in Austin, Texas! Trust in our expertise, stories, and magic tools. Let’s reach for the stars and climb the search engine rankings together.

Understanding SEO: Simplified

Have you ever wondered how some websites show up at the top of Google when you search for something? That’s where SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, comes in. Imagine SEO as a big puzzle with lots of pieces that help your website become more popular on search engines like Google. What’s in the SEO Puzzle? Keywords: These are like magic words. When people search for these words on Google, your website can show up if these words are on your site. Think of it as a game of “hide and seek.” The better you are at using these words, like “Austin SEO” or “Austin SEO Company,” the easier it is for people to find you. Content: This is the stuff on your website, like words, pictures, and videos. High-quality content is like a magnet; it pulls people to your site because it’s useful or fun to read. And if people like what they see, they might stay longer or come back again. Links: Imagine you are in school, and many friends say good things about you. That makes you popular, right? In the online world, when other websites have links pointing to your website, it’s like they’re giving your website a thumbs up. This is called “link building,” and it’s like collecting gold stars. Local SEO: If you have a store in Austin, Texas, you’d want people nearby to find you easily, right? Local SEO is like a map that points people straight to your doorstep. It can even help you show up on Google Maps! SEO Audits: This is like a health check-up but for your website. Experts like the ones at our Austin Texas SEO Company look at your site and see what’s working well and what needs fixing. Online Marketing: Apart from SEO, there are other ways to be popular online. Online marketing includes things like ads or social media marketing, where you talk to people on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO: Think of these as the front and back of your house. On-page SEO is what’s inside your website (like the rooms and what’s in them). Off-page SEO is how other websites see yours (like if your neighbors like you and talk about you).  

The art of how customers find you

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Made simple
We are not reinventing the SEO wheel

We do what works because we know how it works. We understand google. We understand websites. We understand customers. 

The basic concepts of SEO is keywords & back-links. Keywords are what tells google’s algorithm what your website does, and back-links show google that the information comes from a reputable source. 

This is the most basic explanation without speaking a different language to you…

What is the difference between White Hat & Black Hat SEO?

White hat SEO techniques take longer and are much more difficult to execute, but the success factor goes up exponentially when done correctly. Black hat techniques try to jink the system and almost always end up getting you one step ahead just to take you three steps back.

When an SEO company focuses on white hat SEO marketing techniques, like BizeeBay, they set your company up for long term success. We are not looking at the micro as much as we are the macro.

White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO is like being a good player in a game. This way uses friendly and fair steps that search engines, like Google, like a lot. It’s like following the rules in a game.

For Example:

High-Quality Content: Writing really good stuff that people like to read. This can be stories, tips, or helpful information.

Link Building: Imagine your friends saying nice things about you. On the internet, when other websites share a link to your site, it’s like they’re giving you a thumbs up!

On-Page SEO: Make sure everything on your website is tidy and easy to understand. It’s like cleaning your room so that when friends visit, they can find everything easily.

Local SEO: This makes sure that people in your city, like Austin, Texas, can find your business easily on places like Google Maps.

Doing White Hat SEO means your website will be loved by search engines for a long time. It’s like planting a tree, watering it, and watching it grow tall and strong over time.

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO is like trying to win a game by cheating. Yes, you might win quickly, but if you get caught, there can be problems. Search engines might tell your website to stand in a corner (push it down in rankings) if they catch you.

Some sneaky moves people use are:

Keyword Stuffing: Repeating the same words too many times to trick Google. It’s like if you say, “I want candy,” a hundred times, hoping to get candy.

Cloaking: Showing one thing to Google and another to visitors. Imagine wearing a disguise – but online!

Using Hidden Texts: Writing things in a sneaky way so only Google can see them, but people can’t like whispering secrets on your website.

Using Black Hat SEO might give quick wins, but it’s risky. It’s like building a sandcastle near the water; it can be washed away quickly when the tide comes in.

Why Every Austin Business Needs SEO

Boost Your Online Visibility with Austin SEO

In today’s online world, every Austin business should be easily found on the internet. Think of SEO as a big flashlight shining on your business in a massive online marketplace. Without this flashlight (SEO), your Austin business might get lost in the crowd. But with the help of a leading Austin search engine marketing company like BizeeBay, your online presence can shine bright!

Online Visibility: When you use the same internet marketing here, you use search engines like Google to find what you need. SEO makes sure your Austin business pops up when people search for things related to what you offer. It’s like having a big sign in the internet world that says, “Hey, we’re here and ready to help!”

Be The Top Choice Locally with Local SEO and Google Maps

Austin is a big place. But what if someone nearby wants the services you provide? That’s where Local SEO comes in.

Local SEO and Google Maps: Imagine you are looking for a toy store near you. You type it into Google, and a map pops up with toy stores close by. Local SEO for local businesses is what helps your business show up on that map! With BizeeBay, an expert Austin SEO company, your business can be the first thing people see on Google Maps and other local listings. It’s like having a friendly neighbor always pointing at your store when someone asks where to go!

More People, More Business: Increase Traffic and Leads

A business is like a party. The more people you invite, the merrier it gets! SEO is like your party invitation to the world.

Increased Traffic and Leads: More website visibility means more people will visit your site, just like more party invites mean more guests. And guess what? Some of these visitors will become your customers! With BizeeBay’s SEO experts, your Austin business can get more guests and more customers.

Smart Spending: SEO as a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Let’s talk money. We all want to save, right? SEO is like buying a toy on sale – you get excellent value without spending a lot.

Cost-Effective Marketing: Have you heard of paid ads? They are like renting a toy. You pay to play for a while. But with SEO, it’s like owning that toy. You invest once and enjoy it for a long time. SEO efforts, especially with a top Austin SEO company like BizeeBay, mean spending wisely. It’s a smart marketing investment that helps your business grow without breaking the bank.

What SEO work is included in each of our marketing packages?

Essential SEO

  • 5 High Value Keywords
  • 10 On-Deck Keywords
  • 1 Location
  • Detailed SEO Analysis
  • Complete On-Page Optimization
  • Website Enhancement CRO
  • Local Search Setup
  • Location Search Promotion
  • Content Marketing
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • 24/7 Support

Advanced SEO

  • Essential Package +++
  • Franchise SEO
  • 10 High Value Keywords
  • 20 On-Deck Keywords
  • Up to 2 Locations
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • PBN Strategy Implemented
  • Manual Backlink Creation
  • Weekly 1 on 1 Consultations

Enterprise SEO

  • Advanced Package +++
  • Enterprise SEO 1M+ Unique Visitors Monthly
  • 20 High Value Keywords
  • 50 On-Deck Keywords
  • Up To 4 Locations
  • SEO Video Production
  • Video Submission Strategy Implemented
  • High-End Guest Posting

Our SEO Process

  • SEO Audit: Our SEO experts begin by conducting thorough SEO audits to understand your website’s current status.
  • Keyword Research: We identify the best keywords that align with your business and audience.
  • On-page and Off-page SEO: From improving website content to link building, our team ensures every aspect is covered.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Using tools like Google Analytics, we monitor website traffic and provide regular updates.
Beyond SEO: Digital Marketing Excellence

While SEO is a powerful tool, it’s just one aspect of online marketing strategy. We at BizeeBay, offer a range of services, including:

  • Digital Marketing Agency in Austin: Our digital marketing experts ensure a complete online strategy for your Austin business.
  • Austin Social Media Marketing Company: Boost your brand’s presence across social platforms with our specialized services.
  • Web Design: A user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website is crucial. We ensure your site not only looks good but functions flawlessly.
  • Content Marketing: Engaging, informative content that resonates with your audience and improves SEO.
  • Email Marketing: Keeping your audience up-to-date on your latest promotions and updates.
Website Builders We Specialize In Ranking on The 1st page of Google!

We specialize in getting WordPress websites to rank on the 1st page of Google for high difficulty keywords.

Bizeebay has used its Shopify product SEO strategy to generate over 10 million in sales for clients in 2021.

We can help with even the most complex and customized websites when implementing a tried and true SEO strategy.

Google PPC Partner Company in Austin
Tailor-Made SEO Strategy
Customized SEO Strategy

Every company is different, and every SEO strategy is different. Some companies are focused local. Some are focused World Wide. So why are SEO companies trying to blanket their services?

We offer specific strategies set in place to handle ranking status for companies on local maps to generic keywords. When it comes to SEO BizeeBay will create and execute the road map to driving traffic to your website or physical location.

Why Choose BizeeBay for Austin SEO Services?
  • Local Expertise: As a local SEO company Austin, we understand the pulse of Austin’s online marketplace and its dynamic audience. We’re not just any Austin SEO agency; we’re BizeeBay, the leading Austin SEO company.

  • Complete SEO Services: From link building to keyword research, on-page SEO, and more, we provide a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your needs.

  • High-Quality Content: We believe in quality over quantity. Our dedicated team ensures high-quality content to enhance website visibility and improve search engine rankings.

  • Customized SEO Strategy: Each business is unique. That’s why we customize our SEO services based on your business goals and target audience.

  • White Hat SEO Practices: Ethical practices are at the core of our operations. We abide by Google standards, ensuring your website ranks without the risks associated with black hat tactics.
Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar
Great and quick service! Sam listened and communicated well throughout the process of helping building my website. He met each deadline and offered competitive pricing. Thank you team!
Jerald Fragoso
Jerald Fragoso
I had an amazing experience working with BizeeBay Digital Marketing Agency. Sam and his team were professional and responsive to any questions I had and improved the User Interface on my website. Jordan and his team provided detailed and insightful digital marketing services for my company that increased engagement around my business almost instantly with their SEO! It was refreshing to see such a professional approach towards digital marketing and such great results with the tools and IP they provide! Highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build their business online.
Colton Moncla
Colton Moncla
I own a local roofing company that services Austin, Texas. Sam was great to work with and helped me with my seo tremendously. We have seen an increase in lead flow. I would recommend their product and service
Rachel Chaney
Rachel Chaney
Bizeebay did a website for our travel agency, jettytravel, and we are more than happy with the results. They are always quick to help if we have any questions. 5 stars all around⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Update Jordan went above and beyond updating our website. We receive organic leads without having to do anything!!
Corbin Cornwell
Corbin Cornwell
Bizee Bay is awesome! They made the perfect website for my small business. Their prices are very reasonable and you cannot beat their work ethic.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
We just recently switched all of our online services over to BizeeBay (SEO, website hosting, PPC) and are so happy! Their rates are very competitive and they are so knowledgeable in each of these categories. They are quick to respond and assist when I have a question or issue. They also take the time to explain everything to me in a simplified way so that I can truly understand what is being done to improve my business goals and how effective the results are. For the first time in years, I feel like I am well informed and in great hands.
Brad Lisenby
Brad Lisenby
Do not under estimate them! A++++ Met all deadlines ✅ Beyond projected results ✅ Very knowledgeable ✅ SEO GOD'S ✅😇✅ RANKED ON FIRST PAGE OF 4 OUT OF 5 KEYWORDS WE DREAMED OF RANKING FOR! Only been 3 months 🙂
Josh Conley
Josh Conley
I was referred to BizeeBay from an employee & am upset I didn’t reach out to them sooner! We were using the same website for the last 15 years without a single update. Traffic to the site never went above 100 visitors a month. Living strictly off of referral business was just not working for us anymore. I got multiple quotes from different web design agencies all across Austin to find find companies tryin to charge us over $5,000!!!! I got in touch with Jordan at bizee and we instantly hit it off. Very personable and you can tell he knows what he is doing. They weren’t the lowest bid I got, but they definitely didn’t charge me no 5,000! They finished well before the projected time, and we are super happy with the new site. They even offered two months of free SEO which I had never considered even entertaining before. It’s kind of pricey but we are up to almost 500 visitors a month and it feels like all of our traffic is coming from google. I recommend them to everybody o I felt necessary to write a review to help show my gratitude.
Daniel flores
Daniel flores
So far so good. Jordan is a serious asset for this company. He makes us feel like he is working for our business exclusively 24/7. Off to a slow start but the results are real and my business has definitely picked up! I am new when it comes to this internet stuff but they have everything set up to where I can handle it.




  • SEO

    • 1 Location 

    • 5 Core Keywords

    • 10 On-Deck Keywords

    • 10 Long-Tailed Keywords

    • SEO Content Strategy

    • Build Backlinks

    • Local SEO citations

    • Online Directory Submissions

    • Guest Posting on High DA/PA

    • We will get you within the top 3 for the keyword, then put it on our keyword maintenance list and move onto a new keyword. This process allows us maximize our efforts and rank you for as many high traffic keywords possible. our keyword maintenance process is designed to grow at a slower pace but with minimum effort which in turn allows us to start working on new high-value keywords.

  •  PPC Campaign Setup

    • We will set up your Google AdWords account so that you or someone from your team can further manage it. We will still review and make recommendations monthly.

    • Plus more…

  • Social Media Management

    • 14-20 Posts per month

    • Posts to 3 different platforms

    • Custom curated content designed to create engagement

    • Custom linkTree allowing us to explore multiple call to actions and track user behavior better.

    • Plus more…

  • Reputation Management

    • We will help generate new positive leads from clients moving forward.

    • We will help create automation processes to help keep the leads flowing in. We design the systems to only redirect to review sites after completing a survey. If the survey is anything less than perfect a ticket is created 

  • Graphic Design

    • We will create custom graphics that fit into your brand vision on all your marketing materials and website. 

    • Plus more…

  • Content Creation

    • Our content creation team will go through your content and gear in for our high-traffic keyword SEO strategy.

    • Our team will take custom photography

    • We will create unique imagery specific to the website/blog/post topics

  • Website Maintenance & Security

    • We will provide high-level maintenance and security for your website so that your customer data is safe and the website is functioning at optimal speeds.

    • We will keep your website completely up to date and all of your customers information safe. 

    • You are allotted one hour of dev time every month to go through and make any website changes or updates you want to make.
    • We are on-call for any website issues that you might experience.

  •  Web Hosting

    • We will help migrate and host your website.

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the essential package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.


  • Essential Package +++

  •  Advanced SEO

    • 2 Locations

    • 10 Core Keywords

    • 20 On-Deck Keywords

    • Advanced Private Blog Network strategy implemented

    • Google My Business Optimization

    • Penalty Removal

    • Spamming backlinks removal

    • Targeting comparison keywords

    • Plus more…
  •  PPC Management

    • We will monitor and optimize your PPC campaign to help drive down your cost per click while increasing traffic.

    • Plus more…
  •  Targeted Marketing Management

    • We will develop and implement a targeted marketing strategy on 

    • plus more…
  •  Advanced Social Media Management

  •  Review Generation

    • We will develop and implement various processes to help drive positive reviews from previous and new customers. We will also work to remedy any negative or false reviews that are currently posted.

    • Plus more…
  •  Advanced Content Creation

    • Our content creation team will spend hours each week furthering their research on topics associated with how your business operates. This allows us to curate content that is tailored to your customers but is still designed to index on search engines correctly.

    • Plus more…
  •  Email Marketing Management

    • We will first capitalize on your current email list from previous sales and emails captured internally by creating campaigns targeting these customers specifically. We can also use traditional email marketing methods such as working with email newsletter publishing companies to get your brand into the hundreds of thousands of email inboxes of highly targeted customers.  

    • Plus more…
  •  Retargeting Strategy

    • Customers that have visited your website previously but did not convert into a lead can be retargeted using a multitude of different strategies to help convert them into a customer.

    • Plus more…
  •  Custom Landing Page A/B Optimization

    • We will customize different landing pages for various marketing campaigns to help increase conversion rates.

    • Plus more…

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the advanced package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.


    • Advanced Package +++

    •  Enterprise SEO

      • Up to 20 Core Keywords Targeted

      • Up to 50 On-Deck Keywords

      • Alexa Voice keyword targeting

      • Podcast Keyword Strategy

      • Design content hubs

      • Embed 100% original images in your content

      • Create and moderate a comments section within your blog

      • Optimize your site for Google Discover

      • Sitemap Visualization | Content strategy visualization

      • Plus more…
    •  Facebook Group Engagement

      • We will have our team of Facebook influencers target and join Facebook Groups that fit your business and will spark topics of conversation around your products and/or services.

      • Plus more…
    •  Reddit Engagement

      • We will have our army of Reddit influencers enter a sub that fits into your business niche and curate content that is geared to target high-traffic keywords on Google. This will help your client rank on Google for high-traffic topics by simply using the domain authority attributed to Reddit.

      • Plus more…
    • Facebook Marketplace 

      • We will create a marketplace strategy to promote your business’s services or products.

      • Plus more…
    •  Conversion Rate Optimization

      • We will A/B test specific website functionality and call to action(s) to help achieve better conversion rates.

      • Plus more…
    •  Influencer Marketing Management

      • We will determine a list of the best influencers across various platforms and we will reach out and negotiate terms that are designed to benefit your business.

      • Plus more…
    •  Affiliate Marketing Management

      • We will help set up systems and processes necessary to cater to affiliate marketers. We give you access to a team of professional marketers specializing in driving traffic that converts into sales.

      • Plus more…
    •  Brand Partnership Negotiations

      • We will help find brands that we determine could be mutually beneficial to enter into a brand partnership of some kind.

      • Plus more…
    •  SMS Marketing

      • We will create automated systems and processes to help drive sales using text message marketing.

      • Plus more…
    •  Custom Video Production

      • The Bizeebay videography team will produce months of content in a single video shoot, allowing us to portray your brand image in a cohesive manner.

      • Plus more…
    •  Custom Instagram Reels

      • We will develop and customize your business’s content to fit into our Instagram strategy which is designed to drive brand awareness and special offer conversions.

      • Plus more…

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the MAX GROWTH! package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.