Shipley's Case Study

A Successful Social Media and Branding Strategy for a Popular Donut Chain

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A Successful Social Media and Branding Strategy for a Popular Donut Chain

How BizeeBay Boosted Shipley Do-Nuts' Online Presence and Follower Base Through Innovative Social Media Management and Branding Ideas


When Shipley Do-Nuts, a well-loved donut chain, approached BizeeBay for a comprehensive social media strategy and branding solution, our team was excited to take on the challenge. Over a 12-month period, we developed and implemented a highly effective social media strategy, provided innovative branding ideas, and managed their social media accounts, which led to a significant increase in their follower base. This case study explores the collaborative process and the outstanding results achieved through our partnership with Shipley Do-Nuts.

The Challenge

Shipley Do-Nuts sought to improve their online presence and engage with their audience more effectively. They needed a creative and consistent social media strategy that would not only resonate with their existing customers but also attract new followers. Moreover, they wanted to develop branding ideas that would set them apart from competitors and could be implemented by their future in-house marketing team.

The BizeeBay Solution

Social Media Strategy

Our team of social media experts conducted thorough research on Shipley Do-Nuts' target audience and industry trends. Based on our findings, we devised a customized social media strategy that focused on creating engaging, visually appealing content, and promoting user-generated content to increase audience interaction.

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Innovative Branding Ideas

To set Shipley Do-Nuts apart from competitors, our creative team developed unique branding ideas that captured the essence of the brand while appealing to a wide range of customers. These ideas included a refreshed logo, a unified color scheme, and visually appealing packaging designs that emphasized the freshness and quality of their donuts.

Collaboration and Transition to In-house Marketing Team

As Shipley Do-Nuts prepared to bring their marketing efforts in-house, we worked closely with their internal team to ensure a seamless transition. This included providing comprehensive training on the social media strategy and branding ideas, as well as ongoing support during the initial months of the transition.


  • Follower Growth: Over the course of our 12-month partnership, Shipley Do-Nuts’ social media following increased from 12.8k to 18.1k, representing a 41% growth in their audience.
  • Increased Engagement: The new social media strategy and visually appealing content led to higher levels of engagement on their posts, including likes, comments, and shares.
  • User-Generated Content: By promoting user-generated content, we were able to foster a stronger sense of community among Shipley Do-Nuts’ customers, further increasing brand loyalty.
  • Smooth Transition to In-house Marketing Team: Through close collaboration and comprehensive training, we successfully transitioned the social media strategy and branding efforts to Shipley Do-Nuts’ internal marketing team, ensuring the continued success of their online presence.
  • Lasting Impact: Even after the completion of our partnership, Shipley Do-Nuts continues to use the social media strategy and branding ideas we developed, which stands as a testament to the effectiveness and longevity of our solutions.


The BizeeBay and Shipley Do-Nuts collaboration is an excellent example of how a tailored social media strategy, coupled with innovative branding ideas, can significantly impact a company’s online presence and audience engagement. Our team’s expertise, dedication, and commitment to understanding the unique needs of Shipley Do-Nuts led to the successful growth of their follower base and a lasting, positive impact on their brand.

Through effective collaboration and support, we were able to transition the management of their social media and branding to Shipley Do-Nuts’ internal team, ensuring that the positive momentum continues. The continued use of the strategies and branding ideas developed by BizeeBay demonstrates the lasting value we bring to our clients, and we are proud to have played a role in Shipley Do-Nuts’ ongoing success.

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