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How Our Team Developed a User-Friendly Website and Delivered an Effective SEO Strategy for JP Exteriors


When JP Exteriors, a renowned construction company specializing in exterior construction and remodeling, approached us for a complete web development and SEO solution, our team was eager to deliver. We worked closely with the company to create a user-friendly website that accurately represented their focus and to execute a strategic SEO plan. This case study outlines the process and the incredible results achieved through our collaboration.

The Challenge

JP Exteriors needed a website that showcased their services and expertise, effectively representing their focus on exterior construction and remodeling. Additionally, the company required an SEO strategy to improve their online visibility and attract potential clients.

The BizeeBay Solution

Website Development & Conversion Rate Optimization

We designed and developed a user-friendly, responsive website that highlighted JP Exteriors' services and expertise. The site showcased their portfolio, provided detailed information on their services, and facilitated easy contact options for potential clients.

SEO | Overarching Keyword Strategy

Our digital marketing team devised a comprehensive SEO strategy that targeted over 20+ industry-specific keywords, including "exterior construction," "residential siding," and "commercial roofing," "Austin Siding Contractor" We optimized the website's content, meta tags, and link structure to improve search engine rankings and enhance online visibility.

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The Impact

The custom website and SEO strategy developed by our team played a crucial role in improving JP Exteriors’ online presence and driving growth for their business. The user-friendly website effectively showcased their services, making it easy for potential clients to understand their offerings and reach out for inquiries.

As a result of our strategic SEO efforts, JP Exteriors ranked highly for over 20 targeted keywords, significantly increasing their visibility on search engines. This improvement in search rankings led to a substantial increase in organic website traffic, resulting in more inquiries and project opportunities.

Furthermore, the higher search engine rankings and increased visibility also helped establish JP Exteriors as an authority in the exterior construction and remodeling industry, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness among potential clients.


The JP Exteriors case study demonstrates our team’s commitment to delivering comprehensive web development and digital marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. By developing a user-friendly website and executing a successful SEO strategy, we helped JP Exteriors establish a strong online presence, attract new clients, and achieve business success.

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