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A Comprehensive Guide to Take Control of Your Websites SEO

2020 Comprehensive SEO Guide

When building a website, it is built to optimize a conversion into a purchase. Most business owners hope their website alone will generate traffic immediately; however, that is not the case. Organic traffic is derived from search engines such as Google. Search engines are designed to help the user find the best content related to their search query.  Ultimately, you want your content to read as high quality and credible to the end user. We’ve created this comprehensive guide for you to take control of your website’s SEO. Follow us over the next few days to see the various stages of optimizing search engine optimization.

BizeeBay will dive into every aspect of our award-winning local SEO strategy. Below is a calendar showing the release dates for each detailed strategy. Starting a business is hard enough and we want to help equip you with all the necessary tools without having to learn an in-depth back-end process. A kind reminder that we will be here to work with you to refine these strategies and any revised algorithm updates.

The Analysis Phase

Comprehensive SEO Guide

The Analysis phase may be one of the most important processes to take control of your website’s SEO. This allows an application to have a baseline of knowing where your website is and where it will be going. BizeeBay will start with an on-page SEO report to give you a detailed breakdown of metrics pertinent to your SEO strategy. Then we will dive into the importance of how-to for citation duplicates, competitor analysis, and finish with keyword analysis.

On-Page Optimization

Comprehensive SEO Guide

On-Page Optimization will last two weeks as we dive in deep to transition into the next phase.  It is important to remember that as we move forward with more information, your SEO practice will continue to become more technical. We encourage you to ask as many questions at the beginning to help you learn best along the way.

Comprehensive SEO Guide

To finish on-page optimization, we will use a local SEO guide as an introduction to some third-party tools such as Google Webmaster & Google Analytics. These tools are a great resource for business owners operating digitally. Learning how to track these data points and leverage them how to grow your business is an important turning point in your business’s success.

Website Enhancement

Comprehensive SEO Guide

It’s a well-known you want your business to have a beautiful website. It also needs to operate at the highest level of functionality. This stage will dive into small things such as colors, fonts, call-to-action buttons, the image load time, and how to improve your page’s speed. Thankfully, we have a developer who knows how to code and implement these strategies. Our developer can also be hired to help you integrate some more technical aspects that will not be covered here.

Let’s get Bizee! We’re glad to have you here to learn more from this guide on how to take control of your SEO. Follow us in the coming days to see the final four stages.

Welcome back to our comprehensive guide on how to take control of your website’s search engine optimization. Follow along as we will go over the final four stages of how to set up your website for SEO success.

Local Search Setup

Comprehensive SEO Guide

Week 5 will be three days of SEO “gold” to refine the details of everything in the local search setup. This phase is crucial and can make or break in terms of yielding results. Some of these settings may seem insignificant but can make a huge difference when ranking through a search engine algorithm.

Week 06: Local Search Promotion

Local search promotion is when we leverage the new account setup and optimize it to promote your business. During this phase, we implement tips and tricks that are so good this information could even make you a direct competitor of BizeeBay. We hold nothing back during this process because we live by our mission statement of “You grow, we grow.”

Week 07: Off-Page Optimization

It is pure joy to see clients when seeing the full result of all the puzzle pieces put together during the off-page optimization phase. At BizeeBay, when a new company is brought into a marketing strategy, we are a team. By working together, clients are educated on the process which creates efficiency and achieves greater results.

SEO Summary

Comprehensive SEO Guide

As we conclude this 2020 comprehensive guide to take control of your website’s SEO, week 8’s SEO Summary will dive into how to track each metric that is important for A/B testing your website to pure SEO perfection. We will touch on the more technical side of SEO that comes into consideration as well as ranking for difficult keywords. Lastly, we will end with a Q&A.

SEO is not an overnight accomplishment but with hard work and dedication, you can create a competitive advantage for your business. We hope this guide will help plant a seed in this process that will set you apart from your competitors. As you introduce more products or services, you can optimize your website and off-page strategy to rank for keywords targeted to those specific products. We hope to grow with you and your business.

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