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How to Check your Website for Duplicate Content and Why It’s Important

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The on-page optimization phase of our 2023 Comprehensive Guide to Take Control of your website\’s SEO is rather easy yet very gratifying. When growing your SEO you take pride in the content you produce as a company. You might ask yourself will having certain content will help SEO. The last thing you want your customers to see is plagiarized content.

Checking for duplicate content is not only about checking for writing from other websites but more about not having similar content throughout your website. This can confuse search engine algorithms and make it to that the search engine will not show two versions of the same content. This will lead to a diluted outcome for your website based on the focus key phrase.

Step 01: Check for Plagiarized Content

We rarely find a website that has anything more than 5% plagiarized, but it is important to check. Visit CopyScape to create an account. You will need to enter your credit card information because they will charge you 3 cents per page that is examined.

will having certain content help SEO

If you find content that is suggested to be plagiarized by CopyScape you’ll need to rectify that content- even if it was organically created. CopyScape uses similar protocols that the search engine algorithms are performing.

Step 02: Check for Duplicate Content

Now we’ll open up SiteLiner to check for duplicate content through your websites pages. SiteLiner is free and will give you a direct report comparing all pages on that URL.

Type in the URL you want to search for duplicate content, and it will create a large report consisting of useful information. Look for the link right of the graph that reads “click here to see your duplicate content.”

duplicate content checker

From here you can view all of the individual pages that have duplicate content as well as how much has duplicate content.

Will having certain content help SEO

Now that you’ve removed all the duplicate content, can capitalize momentum to utilizing our SEO strategies.

Continue to follow along as we move into robots.txt & XML sitemaps. We will help you understand enough to learn the foundation without getting cloudy in the complexity. Now we don\’t have to ask will having certain content help SEO. BizeeBay is here to help with any questions you have along this journey!

will having certain content help SEO

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will having certain content help SEO

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