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What Are Citations in the SEO World & Why They Are Important

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We are so excited to dive into our second phase of the 2023 Guide to take control of your website’s SEO. This phase will cover citations and how to use them to improve SEO rankings. What are citations in the SEO world? How do you check for duplicate SEO citations? Are there tips and tricks to help stay efficient? This guide will cover it all.

Typically, when we hear the word citation we think of a speeding ticket. In SEO, a citation is your business\’s information in an online directory such as Google My Business or Yelp. This information put into the online directory is considered a NAP. The acronym means name, address, and phone. We recommend a minimum of 20% of all citations be done locally through online directories. This is especially crucial in the circumstance that you operate a brick-and-mortar or localized service.

What are SEO Citations?

SEO Citations are used to help add an extra layer of legitimacy to your website within Google’s algorithm. The algorithm helps to choose which websites rank for keywords. The more trusted the online directory i.e., Google, the better. It is so important to have your NAP in that online directory. When these citations are inaccurate in any of these online directories, it can cause problems. Google will register your business as not responsible to update your citations. Thus, it will act in a negative manner from there. What does that mean? Though difficult to keep up with, it is so important that all credentials and NAPs are kept well organized.

How to Check SEO Citations?

SEO citations and NAP details can be checked easily through MOZ. When looking and analyzing the SEO citations you want to check for these various items.

First, you want to make sure to add your business is added to all directories that are considered missing. Second, organize any citations that may have incorrect NAP information. Last, look at the back end for citations that are active.

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Citation Results Example From MOZ

SEO Citation Tips & Tricks

You’re probably thinking, how do I fix hundreds of citations to be correct without any time? Don’t worry, we have the tip of all tips! Fiverr has employees do all the redundant tasks associated with correcting and establishing SEO citations on a mass scale. You save time as well as get accurate and organized results.

bizeebay citations

Fiverr Citation Service Offered Example

Once your citations are updated and organized you can open the doors to having more customers find your business. BizeeBay is contacted all the time by businesses who have found us from an online directory. Taking these steps will help put yourself above your competition.

Continue to follow along as we release the competitor analysis phase. This will explore your competition and how to use their data to surpass them on search engine rankings. This allows us to use their wins in our favor, and downfalls as new learning.

Duplicate SEO Citations

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Duplicate SEO Citations

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