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What is Malware?

Malware stands for malicious software. A computer virus are examples of malware. But a more common example of malware is when you go to a website and you click something to find that it takes you to a site not related to the site you were on; asking you to download something. This form of malware can be used to harvest data from visitors on your site. Or even harvest sensitive information like credit card credentials from individuals using your site. This can not only hurt your business, but it could kill it. That is why at BizeeBay we take serious measures to help secure our customers site from malicious software! 

What is A Brute Force Attack?

A brute Force Attack is one where a hacker uses programs OR bots that are designed to guess passwords to your website until hopefully getting the correct one. 

Once a Brute Force Attack has successfully taken place the hackers can put a backdoor into your website which will in turn give them the ability to capture all of your sites activity. Including your customers personal data. It is important that if your site captures personal information such as credit cards that you keep them safe from BFA’s!

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Many companies want the ability to update their website without having to constantly pay an hourly rate or interrupt the working day with things they do not completely understand.

That’s why at BizeeBay we make sure to help consult our clients on which plan works best for them. Some just want the basics and that’s okay! Some have vulnerabilities that they are not even aware of! No matter what the case we are here to help. 

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