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Snapchat is the holy grail for marketers looking to target 18-35-year-olds located in the United States. This target audience is growing every quarter so it is important to create a presence on the platform as soon as possible.

Snapchat has recently announced in its Q4 Earnings call (Feb 2021) that they will be making an increased effort to focus on the more local aspect of their platform. This is a great opportunity for local businesses to capitalize on the platform.

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As more and more individuals start using Snapchat to help them find local restaurants, bars, etc. It will become that much more beneficial that your company stays ahead of the “curve”.

So many companies used to talk about how they leveraged Facebook ads/marketing when it was in its infancy to help grow their company and at BizeeBay we believe that Snapchat has some of the same growth patterns that Facebook displayed during those times. So do not hesitate and get started today!

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Why Snapchat Matters...

Reach 41% of all 18-34-year-olds in the United States, daily!

Snapchat currently has over 250 million daily active users, and over 50% of them are over the age of 25 and have real buying power! BizeeBay helps your business create a local and worldwide presence on Snapchat allowing your business to capitalize on one of the most popular platforms.

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Snapchat Marketing Agency

Customized Snapchat Marketing Strategy

A Snapchat marketing agency can help your business establish a meaningful connection with your target audience. Whether you are a national agency or a local brick and mortar, Snapchat can help drive traffic to your business.

We will start by taking a deep dive into every aspect of your business. We want to learn how your business operates so we can maximize our marketing efforts. This is how Bizeebay makes a difference. We understand that Snapchat marketing does not work using the cookie-cutter model some marketing agency use.

Why you need a

Snapchat Marketing Agency

Snapchat requires a daily focus on new content that continues to engage your target audience. With Facebook, a single post can continue to resonate with your customer, but with Snapchat, the marketing efforts need to be constantly A/B test to help maximize effectiveness. Working with a professional Snapchat Marketing Agency like BizeeBay will help your business focus on what you do best and leave the Snapchat Marketing to professionals… BizeeBay.

Target Indicators

We specialize in using these indicators to attract your dream customer.

Advertising Metrics

A/B testing starts with understanding the data that Snapchat provides.

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