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An Entire Marketing Team At Your Fingertips

Full-Service Marketing Packages

At BizeeBay, we have meticulously assembled a ‘dream team’ of top-tier professionals specializing in web development, SEO, content creation, targeted ads management, social media – custom reels/Tiktok’s – Influencer management – brand partnership development, and email/sms marketing. Our united goal is to propel your business to new heights. Our comprehensive marketing packages are meticulously crafted to amplify the impact of our strategic approach, ultimately delivering superior return on investment for our valued clients

Essential Package

$ 3,500
  • Overarching Keyword Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC Campaign Setup
  • Professional Photography
  • Basic Social Media Mangement
  • Reputation Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Creation
  • Website Maintenance & Security
  • 24/7 Website Support
  • Web Hosting

Advanced Package

$ 6,000
  • Essential Package +++
  • Advanced SEO
  • PPC Management
  • Targeted Marketing Management
  • Comprehensive Social Media Management
  • Review Generation
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Retargeting Strategy
  • Custom Landing Page A/B Optimization

Enterprise Package

$ 10,000+
  • Advanced Package +++
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Facebook Group Engagement
  • Reddit Engagement
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Influencer Marketing Management
  • Affiliate Marketing Management
  • Brand Partnership Negotiations
  • SMS Marketing
  • Custom Video Production
  • Custom Instagram Reels

Overarching Keyword Strategy

An overarching keyword strategy involves conducting high-level keyword research and injecting these keywords strategically throughout all platforms on the internet. You need to have access to a team of experts specializing in SEO, content creation, marketing automation, photography, videography, and analytics. BizeeBay gives you access to a high-level digital marketing agency at your fingertips. 

Trusted By

Just a few of the many clients that have put their trust in BizeeBay for their marketing 

Jorge Salazar
Jorge Salazar
Great and quick service! Sam listened and communicated well throughout the process of helping building my website. He met each deadline and offered competitive pricing. Thank you team!
Jerald Fragoso
Jerald Fragoso
I had an amazing experience working with BizeeBay Digital Marketing Agency. Sam and his team were professional and responsive to any questions I had and improved the User Interface on my website. Jordan and his team provided detailed and insightful digital marketing services for my company that increased engagement around my business almost instantly with their SEO! It was refreshing to see such a professional approach towards digital marketing and such great results with the tools and IP they provide! Highly recommend their services to anyone looking to build their business online.
Colton Moncla
Colton Moncla
I own a local roofing company that services Austin, Texas. Sam was great to work with and helped me with my seo tremendously. We have seen an increase in lead flow. I would recommend their product and service
Rachel Chaney
Rachel Chaney
Bizeebay did a website for our travel agency, jettytravel, and we are more than happy with the results. They are always quick to help if we have any questions. 5 stars all around⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Update Jordan went above and beyond updating our website. We receive organic leads without having to do anything!!
Corbin Cornwell
Corbin Cornwell
Bizee Bay is awesome! They made the perfect website for my small business. Their prices are very reasonable and you cannot beat their work ethic.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams
We just recently switched all of our online services over to BizeeBay (SEO, website hosting, PPC) and are so happy! Their rates are very competitive and they are so knowledgeable in each of these categories. They are quick to respond and assist when I have a question or issue. They also take the time to explain everything to me in a simplified way so that I can truly understand what is being done to improve my business goals and how effective the results are. For the first time in years, I feel like I am well informed and in great hands.
Brad Lisenby
Brad Lisenby
Do not under estimate them! A++++ Met all deadlines ✅ Beyond projected results ✅ Very knowledgeable ✅ SEO GOD'S ✅😇✅ RANKED ON FIRST PAGE OF 4 OUT OF 5 KEYWORDS WE DREAMED OF RANKING FOR! Only been 3 months 🙂
Josh Conley
Josh Conley
I was referred to BizeeBay from an employee & am upset I didn’t reach out to them sooner! We were using the same website for the last 15 years without a single update. Traffic to the site never went above 100 visitors a month. Living strictly off of referral business was just not working for us anymore. I got multiple quotes from different web design agencies all across Austin to find find companies tryin to charge us over $5,000!!!! I got in touch with Jordan at bizee and we instantly hit it off. Very personable and you can tell he knows what he is doing. They weren’t the lowest bid I got, but they definitely didn’t charge me no 5,000! They finished well before the projected time, and we are super happy with the new site. They even offered two months of free SEO which I had never considered even entertaining before. It’s kind of pricey but we are up to almost 500 visitors a month and it feels like all of our traffic is coming from google. I recommend them to everybody o I felt necessary to write a review to help show my gratitude.
Daniel flores
Daniel flores
So far so good. Jordan is a serious asset for this company. He makes us feel like he is working for our business exclusively 24/7. Off to a slow start but the results are real and my business has definitely picked up! I am new when it comes to this internet stuff but they have everything set up to where I can handle it.

Starting A New Business?

Check Out Our Turn-Key Startup Package

Starting a new business can be an intimidating venture, with multiple moving pieces to coordinate for success. One of the most integral parts of any startup is an online presence and digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing strategies allow businesses access to thousands of potential customers online in ways that traditional forms of marketing rarely do. With social media, email campaigns, content writing and more all working together to gain attention and boost revenue, creating and executing a digital marketing plan is essential to the success of any startup today.


  • SEO

    • 1 Location 

    • 5 Core Keywords

    • 10 On-Deck Keywords

    • 10 Long-Tailed Keywords

    • SEO Content Strategy

    • Build Backlinks

    • Local SEO citations

    • Online Directory Submissions

    • Guest Posting on High DA/PA

    • We will get you within the top 3 for the keyword, then put it on our keyword maintenance list and move onto a new keyword. This process allows us maximize our efforts and rank you for as many high traffic keywords possible. our keyword maintenance process is designed to grow at a slower pace but with minimum effort which in turn allows us to start working on new high-value keywords.

  •  PPC Campaign Setup

    • We will set up your Google AdWords account so that you or someone from your team can further manage it. We will still review and make recommendations monthly.

    • Plus more…

  • Social Media Management

    • 14-20 Posts per month

    • Posts to 3 different platforms

    • Custom curated content designed to create engagement

    • Custom linkTree allowing us to explore multiple call to actions and track user behavior better.

    • Plus more…

  • Reputation Management

    • We will help generate new positive leads from clients moving forward.

    • We will help create automation processes to help keep the leads flowing in. We design the systems to only redirect to review sites after completing a survey. If the survey is anything less than perfect a ticket is created 

  • Graphic Design

    • We will create custom graphics that fit into your brand vision on all your marketing materials and website. 

    • Plus more…

  • Content Creation

    • Our content creation team will go through your content and gear in for our high-traffic keyword SEO strategy.

    • Our team will take custom photography

    • We will create unique imagery specific to the website/blog/post topics

  • Website Maintenance & Security

    • We will provide high-level maintenance and security for your website so that your customer data is safe and the website is functioning at optimal speeds.

    • We will keep your website completely up to date and all of your customers information safe. 

    • You are allotted one hour of dev time every month to go through and make any website changes or updates you want to make.
    • We are on-call for any website issues that you might experience.

  •  Web Hosting

    • We will help migrate and host your website.

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the essential package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.


  • Essential Package +++

  •  Advanced SEO

    • 2 Locations

    • 10 Core Keywords

    • 20 On-Deck Keywords

    • Advanced Private Blog Network strategy implemented

    • Google My Business Optimization

    • Penalty Removal

    • Spamming backlinks removal

    • Targeting comparison keywords

    • Plus more…
  •  PPC Management

    • We will monitor and optimize your PPC campaign to help drive down your cost per click while increasing traffic.

    • Plus more…
  •  Targeted Marketing Management

    • We will develop and implement a targeted marketing strategy on 

    • plus more…
  •  Advanced Social Media Management

  •  Review Generation

    • We will develop and implement various processes to help drive positive reviews from previous and new customers. We will also work to remedy any negative or false reviews that are currently posted.

    • Plus more…
  •  Advanced Content Creation

    • Our content creation team will spend hours each week furthering their research on topics associated with how your business operates. This allows us to curate content that is tailored to your customers but is still designed to index on search engines correctly.

    • Plus more…
  •  Email Marketing Management

    • We will first capitalize on your current email list from previous sales and emails captured internally by creating campaigns targeting these customers specifically. We can also use traditional email marketing methods such as working with email newsletter publishing companies to get your brand into the hundreds of thousands of email inboxes of highly targeted customers.  

    • Plus more…
  •  Retargeting Strategy

    • Customers that have visited your website previously but did not convert into a lead can be retargeted using a multitude of different strategies to help convert them into a customer.

    • Plus more…
  •  Custom Landing Page A/B Optimization

    • We will customize different landing pages for various marketing campaigns to help increase conversion rates.

    • Plus more…

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the advanced package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.


    • Advanced Package +++

    •  Enterprise SEO

      • Up to 20 Core Keywords Targeted

      • Up to 50 On-Deck Keywords

      • Alexa Voice keyword targeting

      • Podcast Keyword Strategy

      • Design content hubs

      • Embed 100% original images in your content

      • Create and moderate a comments section within your blog

      • Optimize your site for Google Discover

      • Sitemap Visualization | Content strategy visualization

      • Plus more…
    •  Facebook Group Engagement

      • We will have our team of Facebook influencers target and join Facebook Groups that fit your business and will spark topics of conversation around your products and/or services.

      • Plus more…
    •  Reddit Engagement

      • We will have our army of Reddit influencers enter a sub that fits into your business niche and curate content that is geared to target high-traffic keywords on Google. This will help your client rank on Google for high-traffic topics by simply using the domain authority attributed to Reddit.

      • Plus more…
    • Facebook Marketplace 

      • We will create a marketplace strategy to promote your business’s services or products.

      • Plus more…
    •  Conversion Rate Optimization

      • We will A/B test specific website functionality and call to action(s) to help achieve better conversion rates.

      • Plus more…
    •  Influencer Marketing Management

      • We will determine a list of the best influencers across various platforms and we will reach out and negotiate terms that are designed to benefit your business.

      • Plus more…
    •  Affiliate Marketing Management

      • We will help set up systems and processes necessary to cater to affiliate marketers. We give you access to a team of professional marketers specializing in driving traffic that converts into sales.

      • Plus more…
    •  Brand Partnership Negotiations

      • We will help find brands that we determine could be mutually beneficial to enter into a brand partnership of some kind.

      • Plus more…
    •  SMS Marketing

      • We will create automated systems and processes to help drive sales using text message marketing.

      • Plus more…
    •  Custom Video Production

      • The Bizeebay videography team will produce months of content in a single video shoot, allowing us to portray your brand image in a cohesive manner.

      • Plus more…
    •  Custom Instagram Reels

      • We will develop and customize your business’s content to fit into our Instagram strategy which is designed to drive brand awareness and special offer conversions.

      • Plus more…

This is just a baseline of what you can expect when choosing the MAX GROWTH! package. When you start with Bizeebay we will schedule multiple discovery calls that include attendance by our technical and design team so we all better understand your business and how we can best shape a strategy that exceeds your goals.

Startup package Details

1. Brand discovery session

We’ll sit down with your team to unpick what makes your business unique. We’ll find out what makes you tick, who your people are and what it is that your brand will mean to them. With that knowledge, we will expertly develop or evolve your brand voice and look and feel to resonate with your core customers. If you are at the beginning stages of brand development we will help you design a logo and branding strategy that carries over to your company stationary, business cards, and social media presence. 

2. Marketing strategy plan

With a solid understanding of where you are now as well as your businesses goals. Our experienced marketers will put pen to paper and strategize how to use marketing to achieve those goals. We will work closely with you to create a 6-month marketing strategy to decipher the landscape and pinpoint where to focus efforts to get results.

3. Comprehensive brand guide

After developing a brand, maintaining it consistently across differing platforms is the next step. We’ll create a basic brand guide to act as a compass for how to create consistent content that is instantly recognizable. 

4. Social media management

With a detailed understanding of your audience and who were targeting, as part of the startup package we will create social media profiles that work with your brand guide and marketing strategy. Our team will help you set up to 3 of accounts and make your first 10 posts. We will also setup analytic tools to help you analyze different metrics.

5. Website design & development

All packages come with a conversion optimized WordPress website. One of our professional and experienced copywriters will write the content based on information you provide, adhering to your brand voice. Once the content is ready, our designers and developers will wireframe then build a website that conveys your brand voice.

In this package, we will build a comprehensive website tailored for your startup. Piggybacking off the range of skills our marketing agency has, you can be confident in the content we’ll write and designs we produce. The result is a website that stands out amongst competitors and engages with your audience. Once the website is built, our team will responsively test it across all devices to ensure the browsing experience is optimized across devices. We’ll support you with minor website modifications and up-skill your team to make update themselves.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a technique for drawing customers to your brand with relevant content. All our work is optimized for search engines, meaning you can start to drive traffic without having to pay for it. This plan will be the beginning of your journey into the world of SEO. A successful long-term SEO strategy will mean your company is at the top of search page results when it matters. Your website will be optimized to target keywords that drive traffic to your website from search engines like Google. Our startup package includes the complete setup for your business to immediately begin a highly effective SEO strategy.

What You Can Expect; Plus More…



-Company Stationary 

-Business Cards

-Branding Guide

-Color Guide

-T-Shirt / Polo / Hat Design

Social Media 

-Up To 3 Profiles

-Profile Image and Banner Designs

-Social Profile Optimization

-Link Funnel

-x10 Posts

-Engagement Strategy

-Posting Schedule Guide

-Connected to Analytics Platform

-30 Days of Management Included


-WordPress or Shopify

-Up to 10 Pages

-Custom Content

-SEO Optimized

-Chat Bot Installed


-x2 Landing Pages A/B

-Integrated w/ Google Analytics

-Facebook Pixel Installed

-CRM Integration

-E-Commerce Functionality 

-Payment Processor Integrated


-Comprehensive On-Page Work 

-Keyword Analysis

-Optimize Site For Targeted Keywords

-Blogging / PBN Strategy Implemented; x1 Blog Included

-Live Reporting Setup

-Guest Posting Strategy 

-Directory Submissions

-Live Reporting and Analytics Integrated

-Google My Business Optimization

-30 Days Management Included

Digital marketing

-Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

-Suggested Budget Allocations

-SWOT Analysis

-Detailed Competitor Analysis

-Target Audience and Buyer Persona Detailed

-Action Plan