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How to get Google reviews from your customers

Automatically send review requests

Automatically send SMS or email review requests to your customers. Score new reviews directly on Google without any extra work.

Auto-promote reviews across the web

Bizeebay makes it easy to share your customer’s Google reviews across the web.

Respond to customer feedback instantly

New review alerts give you the power to address negative feedback right away. Win back customer loyalty and attract new customers by solving problems quickly.

How to get Google reviews from your customers

Birdeye automates your review requests and customer feedback so that you can easily build a reputation on the review sites that matter most to you – like Google.

Get reviews from all customers

Easily send review requests to all your customers: get new authentic reviews and listen to their feedback.

Rank higher on Google

Bizeebay displays all your reviews on a Google-indexed microsite, making it easier to find.

Integrate easily

BizeeBay works the way you do: easily integrating with over 300+ apps, CRMs, and PMSs.

How to get Google reviews from your customers

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