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Agency Digital Marketing

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Gain an Unfair Advantage in the Digital Marketplace

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💡 Getting Started

Overview of why SEO is essential, the basics of how SEO works, and the fundamental approaches to begin optimizing your website. Introduction to the mindset needed for effective SEO.

🔍 Keyword Research

Guidelines on how to conduct comprehensive keyword research, including tools to use, types of keywords (head, body, long-tail), and how to analyze keyword difficulty and search volume.

🌐 Website Optimization

Step-by-step guide on conducting a website audit using tools like Screaming Frog SEO Spider, identifying and fixing common issues such as slow loading times, broken links etc.

🔗 Link Building Strategies

Techniques for building strong backlinks to enhance domain authority, including methods for natural link acquisition and strategies to avoid penalties.

📈 Tracking & Analytics

How to set up and use analytics tools to track website traffic, user behavior, and SEO performance. Learning to make data-driven decisions based on analytics insights.

📊 Advanced SEO Tactics

Discussion of advanced SEO strategies such as schema markup, SEO for voice search, and mobile-first indexing.

🌍 Local SEO

Best practices for optimizing local SEO, including setting up and managing Google My Business listings, local citations, and strategies for improving local search visibility.

🔄 SEO Maintenance

Guidance on maintaining and updating SEO efforts over time, including regular audits, updates based on algorithm changes, and refreshing old content.

Navigating the World of SEO

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$1Billion SEO Secrets Front Cover
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FREE Book!
$1 Billion SEO Secrets

A simple process that ANY company can use to seriously improve their search rankings, website, traffic, and conversions.